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Why are Some Dental Implant Cases Complex?

August 1, 2020

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Model of a single unit dental implant.A dental implant is a revolutionary treatment for missing teeth because it replaces the entire tooth structure, including the root. A titanium implant post is inserted into the jaw to serve as a new root. After the jawbone fuses to the post through a process called osseointegration, an abutment is placed on the implant to connect the custom-made restoration. This might seem like a cut and dry process; however, some cases are a bit more complex than others. Here are 4 of the most issues that might make a patient’s treatment more challenging

1. Unstable TMJs

Your temporomandibular joint is located on either side of your face and connects your lower jaw to your skull. Unfortunately, a poorly aligned bite can lead to several symptoms related to a TMJ disorder. Even when no pain is present, an unstable bite can cause uneven pressure distribution on your teeth and dental implants. This not only increases the risk of tooth fractures but also dental implant failure. Depending on the severity of your bite issues, you may need orthodontic treatment before your placement surgery.

2. Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants are effective for treating all severities of tooth loss, no matter if you’re missing a single tooth or an entire arch. Generally, there are fewer risks involved with single tooth replacement because only one dental implant is needed, whereas several are necessary to support a bridge or denture. The more dental implants required, the greater the potential for complications. Don’t worry, even when replacing multiple teeth, the risk of dental implant failure is rare. You can help to ensure your new smile thrives by maintaining your oral hygiene at home and visiting your dentist regularly.

3. Bruxism

Many people have a subconscious habit of grinding or clenching their teeth, especially when under a lot of stress. No matter the reason, the pressure and strain can cause your dental implants to fail. Thankfully, you can protect your investment with a nightguard. The custom-fit oral appliance provides a cushion between your upper and lower arches to prevent unnecessary damage to your teeth or dental implants.

4. Medical Issues

Generally, people who are in good health can benefit from dental implants; however, there are some medical conditions that can increase your risk of complications, like diabetes. The condition limits your body’s ability to heal and fight infections, which can make your initial recovery more challenging if the right precautions aren’t taken. In addition, you’ll have an increased risk of infection, so you’ll need to be proactive about your oral hygiene.

Invest in a Successful Solution

Even if your case is complex, dental implants might be a successful option to replace your missing teeth. Your dentist will create a personalized plan to protect your investment.

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