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Implant-Retained Bridge – Torrance, CA

Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants

Every tooth is essential to your dental health and your quality of life. Not to mention, your self-esteem relies on how you feel about your smile. If you’re lost multiple teeth, it’s easy to be embarrassed about your appearance. You’ve also probably noticed a few changes to your oral health as well. You don’t need to live with the complications of tooth loss. If you’re missing a tooth or two, we offer the solutions you need to rebuild your smile using a treatment that looks and feels natural.

Two Consecutive Missing Teeth

Woman with a missing tooth holding her grandchild.

Traditionally, two lost teeth in a row are treated with a fixed bridge. All-ceramic material is used to recreate the portions of your teeth visible above the gum line. The bridge is held in place by bonding dental crowns over the adjacent teeth. Although it’s effective, you’ll need to permanently remove some enamel to allow the caps to fit over them.

As an alternative, many adults are turning to an implant-retained bridge. A titanium implant post is surgically inserted into the jawbone to anchor the bridge in place. Since it doesn’t rely on your other teeth for support, it helps preserve your natural smile.

Three or More Consecutive Missing Teeth

Model of a traditional fixed bridge.

A fixed bridge can also replace three or more consecutive missing teeth. It’s a convenient solution to restore your ability to eat a variety of foods and speak clearly; however, it will only last for a few years before needing to be replaced. Instead, a dental implant post can be used at either end to support the bridge. Your jawbone will fuse to the post, giving you an option that can last for a lifetime with the right care.

Multiple Missing Teeth Throughout an Arch

Image of an implant-retained bridge.

A partial denture can be used to treat significant tooth loss. A gum-colored base and metal framework support prosthetic teeth to fill the empty spaces in your smile. Patients who have lost all their teeth in one or both arches can use a full denture. The acrylic base and replacement teeth are held in place using suction or an adhesive to allow you to chew, speak, and smile.

Over the years, traditional dentures have undergone several improvements, but they will always have their limitations. As a result, many patients are choosing dental implants to treat extensive tooth loss. An average of 4 to 10 implant posts secure your denture to your jawbone, so you’ll never need to worry about any slipping or irritation again.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Dental Prosthetics

Model of an implant-retained denture replacing an arch.

A dental implant mimics your natural tooth structure, allowing it to provide several advantages that aren’t possible using traditional treatments, such as:

  • Over a 95% success rate to last for decades.
  • Regain as much as 70% of your natural biting force.
  • Preserves your jawbone to improve your oral health.
  • Doesn’t rely on healthy teeth for support.
  • Long-term, cost-effective solution.

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