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We Can Help Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

At Torrance Dentistry, helping our patients feel relaxed and at ease during their appointments is incredibly important to us. That’s why we’ve invested in several comforting touches, including enjoyable amenities, painless electronic anesthesia delivery, and sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry in Torrance, CA, feelings of fear and anxiety can be greatly reduced, resulting in a smoother treatment experience that leaves patients ready to smile.

Do You Have a Dental Phobia?

It is not uncommon for both children and adults to experience some form of dental phobia. While it can occur as a result of various reasons, some of the most common include:

  • Past dental trauma
  • Fear of needles
  • Lack of ability to maintain control (i.e. feeling helpless)
  • Fear of being judged for poor oral health

No matter the reason for your dental anxiety or fear, Dr. Yabuno wants to help make your experience enjoyable and stress-free. By discussing your concerns, he and his team can identify ways in which they can help you remain calm and at ease during your appointment.

Why Choose Oral Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation comes in pill form, and our team will provide you with a prescription and instructions for when to take the medication before your scheduled appointment. Once the effects have begun, patients should enter a deep state of relaxation; some may not even remember their procedure once it’s finished. When using oral conscious sedation, patients will need to arrange for a friend or family member to accompany them to and from our dental office for their own safety.

The reasons you might choose this method of sedation include:

  • You have high anxiety or fear at the thought of visiting the dentist or having dental instruments used on your teeth and gums
  • You have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time
  • It is difficult for you to feel numb after receiving a local anesthetic
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex

Why Choose Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide (more commonly known as “laughing gas”) is a mild and very safe sedative that our team can administer through a nasal mask throughout your appointment. After a few minutes of breathing it in, patients should start to feel calmer, allowing our team to proceed with treatment. The biggest benefit of this sedation option is that the effects of nitrous oxide wear off just as quickly as they begin. This eliminates the need for an escort and allows patients of all ages to return to school/work right away.

Nitrous oxide is typically used when patients:

  • Experience a mild form of dental phobia
  • Are undergoing more minor treatments (i.e. regular dental checkup and cleaning)
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Experience tooth or gum sensitivity
  • Have problems sitting still or keeping their mouth/jaw open

Risks and Side Effects of Sedation

Depending on the type of sedation you receive, you will experience similar and different side effects. With both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, you will not be asleep when undergoing regular restorative procedures. While you may feel lightheaded and completely relaxed, you will remain coherent and cognizant of any cues given by your dentist and the dental team.

While the effects of nitrous oxide begin to wear off immediately after the gas is turned off, it will be necessary to have someone escort you to and from your appointment when receiving oral conscious sedation. It takes more time for an oral medication to fully dissipate and wear off.

With oral conscious sedation, you may also experience a slight form of amnesia, which typically involves being unable to remember much from your dental procedure, as well as dry mouth and minimal soreness.

The risks associated with sedation dentistry are minimal, as studies have shown that most patients undergoing some form of sedation remain safe and without problems during the procedure. There are also few cases of issues developing post-procedure.

It is important that you and Dr. Yabuno discuss your medical and health history before agreeing to receive any form of sedation dentistry.

Understanding The Cost

Because sedation is not typically covered by dental insurance, you may be rethinking the necessity of your upcoming dental work. Not wanting you to forgo treatment because of finances, Dr. Yabuno and his team will work with you to identify alternative methods of payment that will make it possible for you to receive valuable care and stay within your budget.

Even if you discuss with an insurance representative about the possibility of coverage, you may discover the out-of-pocket expenses are far too great. This is where we can help you enroll in CareCredit, which is a financier that offers low- and no-interest payment plans. By simplifying the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly payments, you can feel better about your upcoming dental procedure.

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